What is the difference between a Moses basket, bassinet, cot, and cot bed?

Planning your new baby’s nursery can be incredibly exciting. However, with so many options it is important to choose the perfect nursery furniture for your baby’s room, matching the theme and décor that you’re creating, while also ensuring that your baby’s room is safe, and that the furniture is strong, versatile, and functional.

One of the important decisions for new parents to make is where the new little arrival will sleep. While some parents prefer to have their baby sleep in the same room as them, for the first few months, others are determined to start training their baby to sleep in their own room from early on.

Where should a Newborn sleep?

Given the increasing awareness of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), it has been recommended that the safest option is to have a new-born share a room with the parents for the first six months at least. Having a baby sleep in the parents’ bed carries the risk of accidental suffocation and is therefore not the safest, nor recommended, option. However, this is where a Moses’ basket or rattan bassinet is the perfect solution, especially if space is limited.

Is a Moses’ basket the same as a bassinet?

Rattan Furniture - Handmade Furniture for Nursery - Luna Rattan Bassinet Wood CribsBassinets are small basket-like cradles designed for new-born babies. They are sturdy and free-standing with legs but are light-weight and easy to move around. While many consider Moses’ baskets and bassinets to be the same thing, the main difference between them is their portability. Moses’ baskets are compact wicker-like baskets (named after Moses who was found in a basket in the Old Testament); and is easy to carry around by their handles. Though, they don’t have legs to stand on, which may make it the less practical solution to stand near the parents’ bed.

Many parents love the look of the natural wicker-like cradle but are often concerned that the handles might snap if it is not strong enough. However, if the wicker basket look is appealing, then a rattan bassinet may be the preferred choice. Due to their natural appearance and versatility, these stylish wicker cribs will blend seamlessly into the parents’ bedroom, but will also look outstanding in any nursery, no matter the gender, theme, or colour scheme. Rattan bassinets are also a wonderful, statement-making, eco-friendly, alternative to the more traditional wood cot.

Tobbie and Co offer a beautiful range of uniquely handcrafted rattan bassinets in South Africa. They are strong, versatile, and eco-friendly, and each come with a firm, well-fitted mattress that complies with SIDS guidelines.

When should a Baby move to a Toddler’s bed?

Toddler Bed - Rattan Kiddies Bed

When baby starts to roll around, usually at around four to six months, it is time to move your baby into a larger cot. This is also a good time to consider moving baby out of the parent’s bedroom and into the baby nursery. Babies usually outgrow the crib at around two years where they will then advance to a toddler bed. Some parents prefer a cot bed over a standard crib as it saves the cost of having to buy a new kiddie bed within the first four years. Still, a cot bed will likely only suffice during the early toddler years, which means that parents will have to start looking for a versatile kiddies bed once the toddler has outgrown the cot bed.

What is the difference between a cot and a cot bed?

Cots are designed to provide a safe sleeping space for babies up to around two years old; while cotbeds are designed so that the foot and headboard can easily convert into a toddler’s bed. These typically suffice for toddlers up to around four years old, whereafter they’ll likely outgrow this space and need to move into a proper kiddie’s bed.

Tobbie & Co offers a gorgeous rattan toddler bed which is the perfect gender-neutral addition to any little boy or girl’s room. Due to its natural and luxurious appearance, investing in rattan furniture for nurseries makes it more affordable to seamlessly transition from baby’s nursery to toddler’s room, without having to incur the unnecessary expense of having to completely re-decorate your kiddie’s room as he or she grows up.

Rattan furniture is fast becoming the popular choice of furniture for toddlers’ rooms and baby nurseries.  Check out our Tobbie & Co’s range of stylish Rattan Nursery and Toddler’s Furniture.