Stage 1 Carrier

Our Stage 1 carrier is designed first and foremost to help you meet the needs of your newborn baby quickly and easily. It’s made of a softer and more breathable organic hemp fabric than the Stage 2 (a young baby is still developing their system to be able to regulate their own body temperature) it also grows with your baby from newborn to 14 months or 12kgs, whichever comes first. It can only be used in the inward facing front carry position and is more suitable for the ‘NINO period’ than the Stage 2.

Stage 2 Carrier

Stage 2 can be used from around 9 months+ and has a weight limit of 20kgs. It’s made from cotton canvas and hemp blend, still more breathable than any other fabric of that thickness but less soft and breathable than a Stage 1. It’s a bigger carrier in general, and it is also designed with a more emotionally mature toddler in mind. You can use it for both front and back carry positions.

The 'NINO' Period

In babywearing, the NINO period stands for nine months in, nine months out. It’s the most important stage for emotional development. Your baby needs to feel the safety of being held close and against your chest. The sound of your heartbeat will almost always calm them down. Babies often go through periods of being overstimulated and struggling to fall asleep. Stage 1 carrier was designed to create more of a hugging feeling around baby, which mimics the feeling of being held snugly in the womb. It also helps to calm your baby down and help them fall asleep quickly.