Top Trending Baby Nursery Décor Ideas in 2022

Welcoming a new baby into the world is an exciting time, and one of the most enjoyable events is when you’re planning the design and furniture for the nursery. Whether you’re deciding the theme or colour scheme or choosing statement-making furniture pieces for the baby’s room; the journey should be both cheerful and exhilarating.

With so many colour palettes, décor themes and baby nursery furniture ideas to choose from, it’s little wonder why so many parents become overwhelmed, and often financially or emotionally overextended. So, we’re going to make it a little easier for you by sharing some of the most timeless repurposable baby nursery décor ideas.

Timeless Baby Nursery Ideas

Boho Nursery

Bohemian furniture and décor styles are becoming increasingly popular as there are no hard and fast rules to what you can do. Boho styles are fluid, which is perfectly suited to someone who is either free-spirited, or who is working with a tight budget

Boho nursery decor is aesthetically unconventional and lends itself well to an eclectic mix of colours and textures, with a strong emphasis on natural design elements such as rattan furniture pieces, wicker wall hangings, rugs and throws, plants and general-neutral colour choices. As there are no rules when it comes to a bohemian inspired nursery, you can be creative and combine vintage furniture or the hand-me-down wood cot family heirloom with a few stylish-making statement-making pieces such as a beautiful hand-crafted rattan bassinet.

Boho Nursery Rattan Furniture

When designing your bohemian nursery, consider pairing your boho cot with a hand-crafted rattan kiddies chair that can seamlessly integrate well with a toddler’s wooden bed, so that you can repurpose your baby nursery furniture, saving you the dreaded expense of having to completely redecorate or refurnish as your child grows up. Rattan furniture lends itself very well to either a baby’s nursery or kiddies’ room décor and can even blend well into the guest bedroom or living room too.
Rattan wood has become a popular choice for bohemian décor as it is not only organic and environmentally friendly, but due to its natural appearance, it works well with a wide range of styles bringing a warm and casual feel to your baby’s room. If you’re hesitant about incorporating rattan or wicker furniture into your own home, start with a few statement-making pieces such as a wicker wall hanging, wicker baskets or a few handmade wooden furniture pieces combined with neutral colours and earthy tones to achieve a more subtle and natural bohemian look.

Hand-crafted nursery furniture and Artisan Décor

There has been a renewed appreciation for artisan décor, with hand-crafted furniture featuring more in baby’s nurseries than mass produced commercial pieces. There is something truly special about having a uniquely designed handmade cot as the centrepiece for your baby’s room. Handmade pieces are truly one-of-a-kind, especially if it has as story to tell.

Whether you’re showcasing your grandfather’s handmade wooden cot, or supporting a local artisan, you can complete your baby’s room with beautiful wall hangings, décor and plants to create an authentic and beautiful safe haven for your little one.

Retro décor and vintage style nursery furniture

Speaking of grandfathers, people are gravitating more towards creating spaces that bring about a sense of nostalgia, where a retro rattan crib that carries meaning is more precious than a factory-made wooden cot. Retro nursery décor is fast becoming a preferred choice for baby’s rooms as it harmoniously integrates new nursery décor with vintage furniture.

Whether you’ve inherited your grandpa’s retro crib from the 1950’s or picked up a vintage rocking chair from a thrift shop at a bargain price, you can bring them both into this era effortlessly to create a super trendy retro nursery or kiddies’ room by completing the look with the right contrasting designs, colours, and shapes.
One of the more popular vintage baby nursery styles right now is the Boho-chic look. This minimalist look brings a sense of natural calm and freshness to your vintage baby room furniture pieces. Consider adding a stylish hand-crafted rattan kiddies chair, wicker wall-hangings and baskets, organic textured rugs with light, natural colours (and a pop of accent green or yellow) to turn your vintage nursery furniture into a retro boho-chic baby’s room.

Boho-chic vs Shabby Chic Nursery

What is the difference between boho and shabby chic?

While Boho is all about free-spirited unconventional design, it is often thought of as being cluttered; while ‘chic’ means that it is classier, with less clutter. While it may still feature a piece of vintage furniture, it prefers furniture with cleaner lines complimented with stylish décor. Where a bohemian nursery may have bolder or brighter colours and accessories, a shabby chic nursery generally leans more on the softer hues and textures.

A shabby chic baby’s room often still includes rustic or vintage furniture, however the décor is elegant, warm, and friendly while still embracing the concept of imperfection in nature. It works well with a versatile range of furniture styles for a babies nurseries, such as a uniquely hand-crafted rattan bassinet, or a beautiful wicker wall hanging. There are so many beautiful natural furniture and décor pieces to choose from to make your babby’s nursery or kiddies room look gorgeous.

Organic Furniture and Natural Nursery Designs

There is a noticeable increase in demand for more organic and natural materials such as rattan wood, wicker and cane designs, textured rugs, environmentally friendly décor and furniture for baby’s rooms. Nature exudes a sense of comfort and calm. Bringing more eco-friendly and earthy elements into your baby’s nursery creates a cosy, yet fresh environment in which to soothe your baby in.
Bringing the outdoors inside is a wonderful way to create an inviting space for your child’s nursery and can be complimented with natural colour scheme to create a timeless appeal.

Natural Furniture for Baby’s Rooms

From wicker chairs to rattan cots, natural materials are becoming the centrepiece in baby’s nurseries and children’s room. Rattan and cane furniture has made a comeback and the trend is certainly on the rise as they fit right into most nursery design styles with its natural appearance and rich, organic texture.
Eco-friendly moms are taking inspiration from nature when designing their baby’s rooms, whether that be through plants, botanicals or using natural materials such as a hand-crafted wooden chair or rattan crib. Incorporating reclaimed wooden furniture into your nursery or a vintage rattan kiddies bed in your child’s room can look beautiful when complimented with a fresh, natural colour-scheme and a couple of household plants to create a soothing space for mother and child.

Why Choose Rattan Furniture for your Nursery?

As you consider nursery ideas, remember that while you’re looking for a timeless and affordable solution, you want to create an environment that is uncluttered, safe, calming, and functional. Rattan furniture in nurseries and kids’ rooms are one of the few trends that is both stylish and versatile and will work well with whichever nursery décor style you choose. You can incorporate this beautiful and durable furniture seamlessly into almost any room in your home (or on your patio).

The natural contour of rattan brings curves to even the simplest of rooms and its natural golden appearance makes any space feel warm and cosy. Wicker baskets and wall-hangings can bring sophisticated texture, depth and fun to your baby’s room which will bring a pleasantly welcomed contrast to the soft coloured bedding you’re likely to use in your baby’s crib.

While there is no limitation to colours that you can pair with wicker or rattan furniture, a gender-neutral colour scheme (such as whites, creams, and beige which are stunning in a baby room, especially if you’re aiming for the boho-chic nursery look) will also bring a more earthy, eco-friendly feel to the space. However, rattan and wood furniture are so versatile that you can pair it just as well with bolder colours such as bright pinks, blues, purples, or greens to create a more vibrant vibe. If you’re after a much cleaner, minimalist monochromatic style, black and white works brings a sophisticated edge to your retro or vintage baby nursery.

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