The Items Preggy Mamas Really Want To Receive At Their Baby Shower

The baby shower – a special time to share in the joy of your best friend, cousin or sister’s little bundle and where her nearest and dearest gather to celebrate her officially becoming a MOM – one of the greatest joys in life. There’s something uniquely exciting about gathering with a new mom and her tribe to shower her with love, advice and lots of exciting (but hopefully also useful) prezzies.


With soooo many different products on the baby market today, it can be daunting to know what the current trends are and what new moms really WANT and NEED to receive for their babas. If you are stuck on what to get her or you, yourself, are an excited new mom prepping for your babe, read on for the top 5 things that preggy mamas LOVE to receive at their baby showers:


Silicone Pocket Bib:

Gone are the days of washing a million butternut stained fabric bibs and never quite getting that orange tinge out. Move over fabric because silicone is the new kid on the bib block. A silicone bib really is the gift that keeps on giving… or in this case, keeps on catching! All those little blobs and bits of food that don’t end up getting into your babe’s mouth, end up in the nifty little pocket rather than on their clothes or the floor. Silicone pocket bibs are a must-have for new moms, whether they know it or not yet! They are super easy to clean by rinsing them under the tap or popping them in the dishwasher (another new mom win!) and they fold up nice and small for on-the-go meals. Our pocket bibs come in a range of cute, gender-neutral colours and prints and are made of the highest quality food-grade silicone (BPA, Latex and Phthalates free). They’re also size-adjustable, so there’s long term use beyond the introducing solids phase!


Muncher Dummy Clip:

Picture this. Your newborn is crying. You know you put that dummy somewhere but you just can’t seem to find it with everything else that’s happened in your sleep-deprived state. Oh, wait! It’s clipped to your baby’s onesie with your Muncher dummy clip. A dummy clip is an affordable and functional gift that every mom will LOVE. Even if their baby ends up not really taking a dummy, it’s a great way to attach a favourite teether or sippy cup too. Our Muncher Dummy Clip is something quite unique! It has undergone stringent European standard safety tests to ensure that we deliver the safest product to all new moms out there. Plus, not only is it a functional dummy clip that attaches to any dummy brand but, our Munchers are multifunctional and can be used as a teether and sensory toy as well.  Made from 100% food-grade silicone and raw, untreated beechwood, this product is perfect for soothing itchy gums. Plus, the colourful beads make for a cute, sensory toy! Don’t forget – we do personalised Munchers, which gives your baby shower gift that extra special touch.


Organic Bamboo Suction Based Bowl:

I mean!! Are you even a mom if you have a regular bowl? If you have seen the level of mess that goes on at some mealtimes, you will understand the need for a suction-based bowl! A suction-based bowl makes feeding a whole lot easier by keeping the bowl on the high chair. New moms will love you for it, guaranteed, making for stress-free mealtimes with minimal mess. Plus, our Tobbie and Co bowls and plates are a great combination of hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial bamboo up top, with a super-strong silicone suction base at the bottom — combining the best of a traditional shaped bowl with a suction base. Choose between happy cow, happy hippo or happy bunny and see how happy mom and babe are at meal-time together.


Muslin Swaddle Blanket:

Research suggests that babies benefit immensely from a “4th trimester”. This is a transition period from the womb to the world where we aim to recreate the comfort, snug fit and warmth a baby experienced while being carried in their mama’s belly. Swaddling has amazing benefits that assist with helping babies sleep better (and we don’t have to tell you how new moms need this in those first crazy newborn days), soothing baby by imitating mom’s touch and can even help to prevent SIDS. Our muslin swaddles are super soft and lightweight and made from only the best natural materials! With 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, the muslin swaddle is the perfect gift for those precious early weeks and months! Did we mention they’re also super trendy and cute and, being generously sized, can be used throughout the year as a swaddle, blanket, breastfeeding cover or pram cover.


Baby Hair Brush:

A baby brush is one of those items that you don’t know that you need until you really need it! When those little locks and tresses start to grow, a soft, natural brush that is gentle on the scalp and fine hair is needed. Our hypoallergenic bamboo baby brush is organic and biodegradable, and the goat hair bristles provide a gentle massage that aids blood circulation, is effective against cradle cap and distributes natural oils. Plus, it’s a pretty beautiful item to have in your nappy caddy on your compactum for some serious #InstaMomGoals


And there you have it! The ultimate guide to every mama-to-be’s must-have items. If you don’t know which one to choose for your next go-to baby shower gift, have a look at our Baby Gift Sets – you won’t be disappointed.


With Love,

Tobbie & Co