Have you heard?? Sage is the newest, coolest kid on the block!

Say hello to the gender-neutral colour of 2021 that’s taking over mom’s hearts (and nurseries) all across South Africa! Whether you’re saving the baby’s gender for a surprise at birth, or maybe you just aren’t into the typical, “pink is for girls” and “blue is for boys”, having gender-neutral colours allows for flexibility, sophistication and…

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Pacifier Clip Safety

Pacifier Clip Safety: Our main reason for changing our dummy clips was based on the safety of your little ones. As a parent myself, I know that I want nothing but the best for my children.  That is why our Dummy Clips are internationally examined and are made to European children’s safety standards No: BSEN12586:2007…

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Why Do You Need Organic Bamboo Bowl In Your Kitchen?

organic bamboo plates and bowls

Why so popular? Bamboo is an all-natural material with antibacterial properties. One of the reasons why we love Bamboo is because it is biodegradable. Therefore Bamboo is definitely the more earth-friendly option which enables you to buy and use the product without feeling guilty. An interesting fact on plastic: If you purchase plastic items that…

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What is lambskin or sheepskin and why should you get one?

woolvreign sheepskin rug

Are you or any of your friends considering a sheepskin for your loved one? Maybe preparation for a baby on the way? Advantages of sheepskin? Sheepskin or lambskin is the leather with fur (wool). They have natural healing and preventative properties, many hospitals started using them since the early 1960s. They are hypoallergenic, antibacterial and…

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How did it all start? Where does Tobbie & Co come from?


Where does Tobbie & Co come from? Hi everyone! My name is Barb and I am the mom behind Tobbie & Co. Mompreneur as some people call it. Someone that runs behind the scenes and trying to juggle everything I can into this. But let me start from the beginning. Like probably most moms that…

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