Nostalgic about Vintage-inspired Baby Furniture

Bohemian Kids Bed

Most people have a sense of sentimentality and tend to romanticise a past feeling, emotion, or a memory. There is something truly comforting about being surrounded by things that remind us of ‘the good old days’; and this longing for the past is what drives them towards seeking out retro-vintage furniture and décor. An appreciation…

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How to increase the lifespan of your baby nursery furniture

Rattan Furniture - Handmade Wicker Bamboo Furniture for nursery- Indy Wood Cribs

Choosing safe, quality, and functional baby furniture is one of the most important things that a new parent must do when planning the baby’s nursery. All parents would love the best furniture, beautiful décor and all the latest accessories on the market for their new baby. However, babies outgrow their nursery furniture so quickly that…

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How to create a safe and eco-friendly baby nursery

Eco-friendly Rattan Furniture and Baby Nursery Essentials

As the current generation of new parents become more environmentally conscious, there is a noticeable increase in the demand for more organic and eco-friendlier décor and furniture for baby’s nurseries and kids’ rooms. The move towards high quality renewable products is driving design choices by bringing more natural and earthy elements into the baby’s nursery.…

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