Nostalgic about Vintage-inspired Baby Furniture

Bohemian Kids Bed

Most people have a sense of sentimentality and tend to romanticise a past feeling, emotion, or a memory. There is something truly comforting about being surrounded by things that remind us of ‘the good old days’; and this longing for the past is what drives them towards seeking out retro-vintage furniture and décor. An appreciation…

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How to Create a Gender-Neutral Nursery for your Baby

Gender-Neutral Rattan Furniture for Nursery - Handmade Wooden Furniture

Society is becoming more aware of gender nonconformity than in previous years, and it is becoming more common to raise children in a non-binary, gender-neutral way to allow them the opportunity for individual self-expression. Regardless of whether you have opted for gender-neutral parenting, or your circumstances have forced you into having to create a unisex…

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Rattan Furniture is making a comeback and we’re loving it!

Rattan Furniture for Nursery - Handmade Wooden Furniture - Rattan Kiddie Bed - Furniture for Toddlers - Rattan Furniture KIddie Bed

Rattan furniture has been a part of most of our homes in some way for as long as I can remember, and now these beautiful bohemian furniture designs are trending, and here to stay in baby nurseries and kids rooms too! This more rustic furniture design trend, that dominated the 1970’s, gives you an instant…

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