BIBS Pacifiers Couture


These classic dummies have become an iconic accessory in recent times, however they have been comforting Danish infants for over 40 years.

You will instantly get butterfly vibes when you see the wide playful and adorable shield of the BIBS Couture pacifier. It has an anatomically shaped nipple that is curved at the top for a natural fit to the baby’s palate with an angled tip for easy tongue placement.

Because the nipple is not symmetrical the pacifier must be placed the right way in the baby’s mouth. To ensure this, the shield has been specially designed to resemble a butterfly, so it is easy to see which way the pacifier should turn.

The curved top promotes a tongue placement and sucking technique where the sides of the tongue cup around the nipple, as it, does during breastfeeding. The angled tip means that the baby does not need to suck as hard for the pacifier to flatten inside the mouth. You can either have the anatomical nipple in natural rubber latex.

They are 100% free from BPA, PVC and Phthalates.

Complies with the European Standard EN 1400+A2.

The teats are made from natural rubber with a valve system to allow the air to be squeezed out.

It is recommended that you replace your baby’s pacifier every 4-6 weeks.

Size 1 = birth – 6 months

Please see Care and Cleaning Instruction.

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