Moooka – Silicone Breast Pump

Comes with lid and non-spil base and mint stopper

Perfect to relieve engorgement

Successfully extracts colostrum

Can be used to cup feed expressed milk directly to baby

Easy to use – no manual pumping required

Eco-friendly – safe for mom, baby and the environment

Soft silicone suction – no batteries or cables required

Dishwasher safe

Small and lightweight – perfect for travel

Gentle enough to use from day one with baby, to every day of your breastfeeding journey

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 Moooka Silicone Hands-Free Breast Pump (with lid) + Non-Spill Base
The Moooka breast pump is made from 100% food-grade silicone. Is heat resistant, dishwasher safe and microwave friendly. It is only 15cm x 6cm which makes the Moooka hands-free breast pump the perfect travel companion.  In the car, at work or whilst at home.
Let us help take the hassle out of breastfeeding your baby. Simply position the breast pump on your breast, squeeze the pump to create a suction and then let go - let the breast pump do all the work for you.

Moooka Non-Spill Base
This non-spill base can be used with the Moooka Silicone Hands-Free Breast Pump.
Simply place your Moooka pump into the non-spill base and secure your precious milk.

Moooka Neck Stopper
This is our free gift to you! And it's supplied with every Moooka Pump sold!
It will plug the neck of the Moooka keeping your precious milk safe while keeping dirt or germs out. Until you are ready to decant it into a storage container.
Available in original Mint

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