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Pure Romper – Hemp Blend


The Pure Romper is a hybrid garment, suitable for any season.

Free from zips, studs and buttons.

It has a high comfort level and provides full freedom of movement and breathability.

  • This romper works perfectly as a sleeping or playing option all year round.
  • Made of 55% Hemp & 45% Organic Cotton blend and literally the softest,
  • The most luxurious fabric we could find as an alternative solution to cotton.

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Embracing an Upstream Philosophy

Upstream Baby is slow-fashion designed and produced in South Africa.

Firstly, going upstream refers to an against-the-grain approach. For discerning individuals, we encourage more buyer consideration and education. We also craft our romper garments that last longer.

Upstream further implies a return back to a natural source. Our sourcing explores new & alternative fabrics. For the sake of both comfort and sustainability.
We also don’t incorporate any fasteners like zips, studs or buttons.

The garments you see here offer top-notch comfort and a great fit for little humans. We feature premium craftsmanship and stand out designs that will simply and timelessly last.


NOTE: Due to the nature of our small-batch production process, item colours of romper may vary slightly from images though every effort has been made to portray them accurately.


Even though we have done everything imaginable to sell garments such as these at an incredibly fair price, it’s true that there will always be cheaper options out there. Our only ask is that you question WHY it might be cheaper. Now, we won’t claim to be the saviours and heroes in every single aspect, because the value chain that fast fashion has created over the past two decades stacks up against producers like us and many other whose care and awareness have helped our movement gain traction. However, here are some examples you might want to ask before you spend good money on your next purchase – and the points we are working towards conquering in the coming years in order to bring you garments that can change the world:

  • Is the fabric inherently good or bad for baby’s skin?
  • Is that fabric grown in a sustainable way? What pesticides were used on it?
  • Is it picked by workers that are fairly compensated?
  • Is this fabric woven in a clean and low-CO2 emission factory?
  • Are the factory workers fairly compensated?
  • Are the garments made in a decent working environment?
  • Were the garments made locally?
  • How much single-use plastic is involved in production and purchase?
  • Do the profits and proceeds from the sale stay in your country to grow and uplift your community?
  • …the list goes on!

Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 2.5 cm

0-3m, 3-6m, 6-12m, 12-18m, 18-24m


Moss Green, Light Grey


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