Pure Linen Slings

About your sling

Your sling is made out of linen, one of the strongest natural fibers. It is non-allergenic, cooling in summer and warm in winter. Linen is the best fabric for a baby’s delicate skin. On top of all that, it is simply beautiful.

At first, linen will be crisp and will need some wearing to become soft. There are many ways of breaking it in such as storing it braided and sitting on it while driving. For more tips on this, please join the Pure Linen Slings Support and Chat group

Why a Ring Sling?

The ring sling is a quick way of wearing your baby. Once threaded it can be taken on and off and baby can be popped in and out conveniently. There is no wrapping or buckles involved and it is suitable until toddler age when a stretchy wrap is outgrown.

The tail can be wrapped around the rings, used as newborn head support, a shade against the sun or even a nursing cover.


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Double vs Single

Both single and double layer slings are perfectly safe to use from newborn up to 15kg.

Single layers are lightweight, easy to manage and cool.

Double layers are a bit more tricky to manage, but offers much needed extra support for heavier babies.


What is the weight range for a ring sling?

Newborn up to 15kg can be worn. Please seek medical clearance before wearing a premature baby or any baby under 2.5 kg.


How do I wash my sling?

Unthread your sling

Place an old lonely sock over the rings

Place in washing machine on its own

Use gentle detergents free of optical brighteners or enhancers

Wash on gentle cycle in cold water

Hang to dry

May be steam ironed.



Please watch our tutorials to see how your baby is supposed to be worn. A baby should never be worn in the horizontal position as it poses a safety risk. If it is your first time, have someone helping you or do it close to the floor or over a bed.

Always go through the check list:

  1. Deep seat with bum below knees. Fabric stretching from knee to knee.
  2. Chin off the chest
  3. Fabric tight across baby’s back
  4. Close enough to kiss
  5. Rings in corsage position
  6. Fabric capped over your own shoulder

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