Nostalgic about Vintage-inspired Baby Furniture

Most people have a sense of sentimentality and tend to romanticise a past feeling, emotion, or a memory. There is something truly comforting about being surrounded by things that remind us of ‘the good old days’; and this longing for the past is what drives them towards seeking out retro-vintage furniture and décor.

An appreciation for vintage-inspired retro designs is deeply rooted in nostalgia. Vintage furniture refers to a physical piece of furniture that dates back 20 to 100 years old, such as your grandfathers baby crib, that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Antique furniture is also generally classified as old-fashioned or vintage, as it is not typically found in the modern furniture stores. An antique crib for instance, may date back to more than 100 years. Because of its age, beauty, and rarity; antique furniture is often seen as a collectable and may represent a very personal emotional connection.

Retro furniture is inspired by a particular era, such as a baby cot that appears to have belonged to a specific period, typically from around the 1950s, but does not actually come from that period. Retro furniture is therefore reminiscent of an era before our time, rather than having belonged to it.

Retro-style Baby Room

Retro-style furniture is a term often used to describe an outdated style that has become fashionable again, such as Rattan Wood Furniture. Trends have a way of repeating themselves in cycles. They tend to resurface every fifteen to twenty years, and as we grow up, we seem to recognise the patterns and gain a re-appreciation for them.

Embrace the Retro

Rattan and wicker are one of those trends that has made a huge comeback. Rattan was originally very popular in the Victorian Era in the late 1800s, and had a renaissance in the late 60’s and early 70’s when they were associated with the bohemian lifestyles. In the late 70’s Rattan furniture was the go-to choice for garden and patio furniture, as the durable material could easily withstand the cold. Today, the resurrection of Rattan Furniture and Décor have become focal pieces inside the home and has become particularly popular among eco-conscious parents shopping for baby products made from sustainable materials.

Due to its natural, stylish, and elegant style, the Rattan revival has snuck its way into baby nurseries.  Rattan and wicker baby furniture is not only economical, but also sturdy and lightweight; as well as low-maintenance and robust. The classic woven rattan texture is instantly recognisable and makes for a stylish and sophisticated addition to any baby nursery.

Rattan furniture is certainly having its moment in the spotlight. It not only functional, but also versatile and can easily adapt to any retro-vintage baby nursery style. Whether you’re looking for a rattan wall hanging to accessorise a classic Victorian nursery; a wicker basket to finish off a whimsical bohemian-inspired baby room; a rattan kiddie chair to compliment rustic antique furniture pieces; or a statement-making rattan crib to blend a contemporary and funky retro look; rattan will harmoniously integrate new nursery décor with vintage furniture.

With its minimalist look, Rattan brings a sense of natural calm and freshness to your vintage baby room. Combining organic textured rugs and light, natural colours (with a pop of pastel colours or floral wallpaper), you can easily turn your vintage nursery furniture into a retro-chic baby room. Rattan’s ability to transcend across a myriad of styles, trends and time periods makes it the ultimate choice for any baby nursery.

Must-Have Rattan Furniture & Baby Room Décor Pieces

Rattan baby furniture is far reaching and allows you to bring an individualistic style to the baby room, that is unique, classic, versatile, timeless, and budget-friendly. We have put together a list of must-have rattan furniture & decor items for your baby nursery:

Rattan Furniture - Handmade Furniture for Nursery - Luna Rattan Bassinet Wood CribsRattan Bassinet

If you’re looking for a vintage-inspired baby cot, then look no further than this lightweight Rattan Bassinet. It is one of the safest, and most durable wooden cots on the market and has been uniquely hand-made with expert craftsmanship, while meeting all the modern safety standards.


Rattan Furniture for Nursery - Handmade Wooden Furniture. Kiddies Chair, Bamboo Furniture.

Rattan Kiddies Chair

Whether you are complimenting a family heirloom dresser, or you want to bring a sense of nostalgia to your shabby-chic baby room, this wicker woven chair will blend in perfectly with your baby’s room, but can just as easily become a statement-making piece to any room in the home.


Toddler Bed - Rattan Kiddies Bed

Rattan Toddlers Bed

There are so many beautiful natural furniture and décor pieces to choose from to make your kiddies room look gorgeous, however we love this boho-inspired rattan kiddies’ bed which truly embraces the concept of boho-chic retro inspired décor.


Rattan Furniture & Décor for Baby Nursery - Giraffe Wall Hanging for Bohemian Nursery Décor

Rattan Wall Hanging

Add a touch of the unexpected with this beautiful wicker wall hanging. It is both elegant and warm and will provide a natural, subtle dash of texture to a modern or vintage baby nursery. Combined with either contemporary or vintage toys, the neutral look will blend seamlessly into any gender-neutral baby room


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