Rattan Furniture is making a comeback and we’re loving it!

Rattan furniture has been a part of most of our homes in some way for as long as I can remember, and now these beautiful bohemian furniture designs are trending, and here to stay in baby nurseries and kids rooms too!

This more rustic furniture design trend, that dominated the 1970’s, gives you an instant sense of nostalgia when you see bamboo or rattan furniture pieces that you’ve more than likely seen in your grandparent’s or parents’ homes when you were growing up. Whilst you may not want to be recreating that particular rustic look from those times (I mean let’s be honest some of those things need to just stay right back in that timezone), it’s those nostalgic moments and feelings that you often want to hold onto. That is what you will be recreating with your own children in this new space you’re designing your baby’s nursery or kiddies room.

Recent times have reminded us that cherishing and creating those memories with our loved ones are so important. So it’s nice to have something that instantly gives you that feeling of a big warm hug!

Natural bohemian-inspired rustic furniture exudes calmness for baby and mommy

Our elegant all-natural Rattan Furniture range creates that feeling of calmness, comfort, and all things natural for your baby’s nursery. It can easily be complemented with a eco-friendly handcrafted Rattan Wood Crib, a beautiful bohemian mobile or eco-friendly handcrafted wicker Giraffe wall hanging. If you’re feeling inspired, you can even make your own Macrame wall hanging to round off this fresh rustic look.

Being a Pinterest mommy, I completely fell in love with the variety of wicker, bamboo and rattan décor ideas for nurseries and kids rooms. With it becoming more popular to not find out whether you are having a boy or a girl or even not being able to make your mind up on a colour scheme for your little one’s nursery, Rattan furniture is the perfect gender-neutral solution as it goes with every colour you can think of!

Check out our new range of Rattan Furniture for and create the calm we all need as new mommies; and it has the added bonus of bringing back all those precious memories of you growing up, that you can now share with your little one.

Be sure to check out our full Rattan Furniture Range here.


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