Premium Organic
cotton blankets


These premium cotton baby blankets gives a cosy and luxurious feel. They are lightweight and breathable, but also warm and super soft. They are perfect for nap time, play, travelling, nursing and more.


Oh so heavenly to touch.

Our Organic Cotton Blankets are organically grown in fields that have been cultivated without pesticides. These Cotton Blankets are non-toxic to babies. The textural weave is designed to be gentle and soothing to soft skin. Available in a range of soft natural and earthy colours.  The blankets always make perfect baby shower gifts.


Why buy organic?

  • No pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and GMO’s are used on crops and exposed to your baby
  • Environmentally friendly and uses less water
  • Improved health for farmers and a positive impact on producers livelihoods
  • Softer than regular cotton