Pop pacifier – “new and improved”. What has been changed from the original one?

Pop pacifier. A cleaner pacifier from Doddle & Co.

And here are some questions that we get asked quite often: How does it work? Why doesn’t the one I bought stay in paci mode? Is it faulty?

Therefore I would just like to quickly run through the differences of “original” Pop and “new and improved” binkie.

The original Pop pacifier pops into its self-protective bubble as soon as it leaves baby’s mouth. It has a slight pullback that mimics the natural teat. Just as mother nature intended. It also has its advantages amongst breastfed babies, natural nipple shapes minimize nipple confusion and enhance latching reflex.

The original version:


We have some premmies where the Pop pacifier assisted with latching difficulties. The Pop is made from medical food graded silicone, that makes nipple very nice and soft.

And then there is the “new and improved” version. This Pop only pops back into its self-protective bubble once it hits the floor. So if the sleeping baby decides to take a break from suckling, the nipple will stay retracted and ready to be used again.

New and Improved:


A Pop pacifier is a great option for mommy “on the go”. And for all mums that are hygiene conscious. It’s safe, it’s durable. It’s a lifesaver. The new and improved comes in 9 different colours and the original one comes in 2, so before you shop make sure to read full description.

You can view the full-colour range here, and if you have any questions in regards to the functionality, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@tobbieandco.co.za and we will try to assist as best as we can.

Hope you enjoy the read.

Love Barb