How to increase the lifespan of your baby nursery furniture

Choosing safe, quality, and functional baby furniture is one of the most important things that a new parent must do when planning the baby’s nursery. All parents would love the best furniture, beautiful décor and all the latest accessories on the market for their new baby. However, babies outgrow their nursery furniture so quickly that parents often end up with expensive, unused furniture.

It’s tempting to buy the latest trending furniture, but it’s not financially viable to invest in furniture that has a short lifespan. When shopping for the baby’s room it’s important to make sensible decisions that won’t break the bank and that can be considered a long-term investment. Here are some valuable guidelines when shopping for your baby’s room:

Choose kiddies furniture that will grow with your child

When designing your baby nursery, consider furniture pieces that can seamlessly transition from a baby nursery into a toddler or kiddies’ room to save you the expense of having to completely redecorate or refurnish as your child grows up. For instance, pairing a rattan bassinet with a wicker kiddies chair that can just as easily match a wooden toddler’s bed. Rattan furniture lends itself very well to a baby’s nursery or kiddies’ room décor and can even blend well into the guest bedroom or living room too.

Select timeless nursery furniture that span generations to come

Choosing timeless wooden furniture pieces that can stand the test of time may be slightly pricier than the more modern synthetic nursery furniture. However, furniture made from long-lasting wooden material can extend the life of the nursery furniture, making the initial investment well worth it. This is another reason why rattan wood or cane furniture is a great choice for kiddies’ rooms, as rattan furniture is made from a strong, long-lasting material, making it the perfect family heirloom to pass on to future generations to come.

Opt for versatile natural furniture and nursery décor

Nursery design trends come and go, and the latest fads are usually very short-lived. Opting for more timeless furniture pieces with natural aesthetic designs can be both stylish and versatile and will work well with whichever nursery décor you choose. Rattan wood has become a very popular choice for nurseries since it is not only organic and environmentally friendly, but due to its natural appearance it works well with a wide range of styles while bringing a fresh, casual feel to your baby’s room.

Invest in strong durable wooden furniture materials

While wooden furniture is generally more expensive than synthetic pieces, their longevity and strength make it a smart investment in the long run. Rattan bassinets and kiddies’ beds have made a comeback as rattan wood is strong and durable. Rattan’s flexibility makes it well suited to hand-crafting beautiful unique wooden statement-making pieces while also adding warmth, style and texture to nurseries and kids’ rooms. Because wooden furniture is naturally stronger and more durable, it is less likely to bend or break if a baby hangs on the crib or a toddler starts jumping on the bed.

Choose safer baby room furniture

Parents are becoming more environmentally conscious and are seeking out furniture that is not only eco-friendly, but that is also safe for baby. When considering furniture for children’s rooms, parents consider not only the materials itself, but also the chemicals that might be used to clean them. As rattan wood is not chemically treated, wicker cribs and cane beds are among the popular choices, as babies are less likely to come into contact with toxins.

Consider Rattan furniture for your nursery or kids’ room

Rattan furniture is not only beautiful statement-making additions to any baby’s room, it also ticks many of these boxes making it the perfect furniture choice for nurseries and kids rooms.

Rattan wood is safe and eco-friendly – As Rattan is a 100% natural and biodegradable material it is perfect for children’s wooden furniture because they are completely safe and environmentally friendly.

Rattan furniture is versatile – Due to its natural appearance, rattan works well with a wide variety of décor for either a boy or girls’ nursery or kiddie’s room.
Rattan wood is long lasting – Rattan wood is a long-lasting material, making this precious piece of handmade wooden furniture the perfect family heirloom.

Rattan wood is long lasting – Rattan wood is a long-lasting material, making this precious piece of handmade wooden furniture the perfect family heirloom.

How to care for your Rattan Wood Furniture

Rattan wood furniture is generally very easy to keep clean, however as with all wooden furniture, if not properly cared for, natural woven furniture can dry out and crack over time. Cleaning wicker furniture isn’t complicated, and with proper care and regular maintenance you can increase the lifespan and make the most out of your rattan furniture pieces.

  • Dust your rattan wood furniture regularly – A simple dusting can do wonders for keeping your baby’s allergies at bay. Use a handheld vacuum or a soft hairy brush attachment to remove loose dust and soil, vacuuming the entire surface of the bassinet both inside and out. Pay attention to the pressure that can result in woven rattan on the furniture apart.
  • Clean up spills immediately – If you clean up liquid spills immediately with a slightly damp cloth, it is unlikely to leave any permanent stains.
  • Avoid detergents – Never use abrasive creams to clean your rattan furniture. You should only need to use a damp cloth to wipe your furniture clean, however if you must use a detergent, only use the bubbles from dish washing liquid to dampen a soft rag to wipe your rattan furniture. You can use a toothbrush with the same soap bubbles to clean those places the cloth cannot reach.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight – Wooden furniture generally has a low resistance to direct sunlight. Rattan fibres can fade in strong light. Avoid extreme sun exposure as this can dry out or discolour your rattan and cane furniture. Make sure that your baby’s room has blinds or curtains that can filter the UV rays to protect both baby and furniture.
  • Treat the wood for protection –Whilst rattan wood can withstand a range of element, you can prolong lifespan of your rattan furniture by treating it from time to time with a spritz of boiled Linseed Oil or Glycerine-based soap that’s been diluted in water to work some moisture into the surface.
  • Maintain Humidity – Natural plant fibres such as rattan and bamboo require a certain level of humidity. If you’re in a particularly dry area, add moisture to the room using a humidifier.
  • Take care when moving your furnitureRattan furniture is both light-weight and sturdy which makes it easy to move around. However, if you aren’t careful, you can easily damage the woven material by dragging it across the floor. Consider using felt pads or rubber stoppers to protect the feet of your cane and rattan furniture. Be sure to pick the furniture up only by their frames and never by the woven wicker panels.
  • Repair cracks and splitting – While Rattan wood is very robust, it might crack or split if it is exposed to too much sun, isn’t treated regularly, or is dragged around carelessly. If splitting occurs, you can prevent further damage. Using a large paint brush, treat the rattan furniture with as much Tung or Boiled Linseed oil as the furniture will absorb, then wipe the excess oil away with a soft rag, and raise the humidity level of the room.
  • Let your rattan breatheRattan and cane furniture needs to breathe to prevent it from becoming brittle. If you’re considering painting your rattan, make sure that you only coat the outward-facing side, leaving the back and bottom uncoated. The best method to use when painting or refinishing rattan furniture is to clean it, let it dry, apply a thin primer coat and then 2 to 3 thin layers of your chosen colour. Spray-paint usually works best to get into all the cracks and crevices. Make sure you dry it thoroughly between each coat of paint and never apply paint thinners to your rattan furniture.

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