How to Create a Gender-Neutral Nursery for your Baby

Society is becoming more aware of gender nonconformity than in previous years, and it is becoming more common to raise children in a non-binary, gender-neutral way to allow them the opportunity for individual self-expression.

Regardless of whether you have opted for gender-neutral parenting, or your circumstances have forced you into having to create a unisex children’s room; there are many benefits to creating a more neutral environment in which your children can grow and flourish.

5 Benefits of a Gender-Neutral Kids Room

You may be wondering why gender-neutral furniture and décor is becoming increasingly popular for baby’s nurseries and children’s rooms. Here are just some of the reasons to consider a more neutral approach for your babies nursery:

  • Affordability – Once it became possible to determine the gender prior to birth, parents wanted to know if they were having a boy or a girl so that they could start gender-specific decorating and shopping early on. And while it might be affordable for some to re-decorate for each new baby’s arrival, for many parents it is not a financially viable option, and so they are wise to selecting a more neutral, unisex design when choosing décor or furniture for the nursery.
  • Bundle of Surprise – While gender reveal parties have become a popular trend in recent years, with pink or blue being used to reveal the baby’s gender, many parents want to keep the baby’s gender a surprise until the baby is born; and they therefore opt for more gender-neutral baby shower gifts and decorate the baby’s room in more neutral themes and colours.
  • Environmental Sustainability – The current generation of new parents are also more environmentally conscious, with a strong preference for natural sustainable wooden furniture (such as rattan wood, cane, wicker and bamboo) over the more synthetic materials chosen in the past. This move towards high quality renewable products is driving design choices more so than gender, as wooden furniture has a natural appearance that works exceptionally well with gender-neutral colour schemes.
  • Compatibility – Many families have limited rooms available, and it is common for siblings to share a room. With the more rustic furniture, natural themes, and neutral colours, it is easier to create a unisex room for siblings to live in harmony regardless of their gender or age.
  • Self-Expression – Research has shown that a child’s development can be influenced by the space around them. A gender-neutral environment encourages individuality as it allows children to grow into their own space and develop their own personality and style.

Tips for creating gorgeous gender-neutral nurseries

Creating a beautiful neutral baby’s nursery doesn’t have to be boring. You can introduce a natural vibe to a nursery in the most luxurious and stylish way by pairing neutral colours with natural furniture pieces to create a gorgeous and trendy gender-neutral environment for your children.

Neutral Baby Décor Ideas

Is pink and blue becoming taboo?
Did you know that many centuries ago, pink was considered the stronger and more masculine colour, while pale blue was thought to be softer and more feminine? It was only much later that industry adopted the pink-blue gendering colours which it exploited for commercial reasons.

Today, the more natural, sophisticated colour schemes and décor used in baby nurseries and children’s room signifies a far departure from these somewhat old fashioned traditional ‘girl or boy’ colour stigmas that were created in the past. There are so many beautiful colour palettes to work with than confining yourself to these two basic pink-blue colour schemes anyway.

What are gender neutral colours?
Today there is a notable absence of gender specific colours in nursery which is increasingly being replaced with gender-neutral wooden furniture complimented with white, off-white, or ivory colour palettes, and just a pop of green, yellow, or orange as the accent to create a beautiful neutral space for babies.

Gender Neutral Baby Nursery Furniture Ideas

New parents spend a lot of time in their baby’s nursery, so it is important to create a calm and relaxing space for both parent and baby.

Consider Rattan Furniture
Rattan furniture can make a smaller nursery seem calm and spacious with its bohemian, tropical inspired designs which is both fashionable, yet somewhat vintage and nostalgic too. Due to its natural appearance, Rattan wood also works well in any gender-neutral bedroom. There is nothing telling about gender or theme with rattan furniture or wicker finishings, and combined with either contemporary or vintage toys, the neutral look will blend seamlessly.

Examples of Gender-Neutral Furniture for Nursery

View our range of stylish rattan furniture and décor for nursery and kiddies’ rooms for inspiration. Our beautiful handmade wooden rattan furniture, nursery décor and accessories are the perfect choice for a gender-neutral baby’s room. From wicker bassinets to kiddies’ chairs, beds and bohemian-inspired wall hangings, each uniquely hand-crafted design is a stylish statement making piece.