Have you heard?? Sage is the newest, coolest kid on the block!

Say hello to the gender-neutral colour of 2021 that’s taking over mom’s hearts (and nurseries) all across South Africa!

Whether you’re saving the baby’s gender for a surprise at birth, or maybe you just aren’t into the typical, “pink is for girls” and “blue is for boys”, having gender-neutral colours allows for flexibility, sophistication and a modern twist.

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you’d know that gender-neutral nurseries, clothing and accessories are here to stay! And while grey has had its hey-day as the “it” colour, it’s now moved over to make some space for sage green – a soft, natural colour that is both calming and earthy.

Let’s quickly talk about why moms are opting for sage, charcoal, oatmeal and other neutral colours for their babes:


  1. Hand-me downs:

You know that gorgeous sage green set of dungarees that baby number 1 only got to wear twice before outgrowing it and you kept it because you just couldn’t bear to give it away? Well, I’m here to tell you that baby number 2 can wear it and look just as gorgeous! Regardless of whether she/he sends up being a Simone or a Simon 😉😉


  1. You may want a surprise when your babe arrives earthside:

Lots of moms love to find out the gender of their babe when they meet them for the first time. It’s exciting as parents and for all your near and dear friends and family too! So, instead of only receiving yellow or grey prezzies, sage is a beautiful new option that works for your little bundle regardless of whether it’s a girl or boy!


  1. A neutral palette for the nursery:

Gender-neutral colours are generally more adaptable so, you only ever need to swap out the cribs for beds, as your little ones grow. Sage green in particular is a sophisticated colour that blends beautifully into any home. If you’re the type of mom that wants the nursery to be an extension of your own personal style, then, sage provides the ideal palette. Whether it’s an accent on trimmings, a feature wall or the dominant colour in the room, sage’s cool presence will provide an instant calming effect for both mom and baby.


And in fact, there are some studies to back this up. Psychology suggests that colours can influence mood and behaviour, stimulate the brain and body and even affect your baby’s health.

Green is a cool colour, which promotes calmness and can make a room feel spacious and relaxing.

Additionally, the colour evokes feelings of nature, serenity, health and wellbeing. It’s no wonder this is the colour of choice for modern moms around the world!

With accessories and clothing equally becoming more gender-neutral, you can rest assured that you’ll be carrying that cool-as-a-cucumber feeling everywhere you go!

Whatever the reason for your gender-neutral choice, sage green is the colour on every trendy mom’s Pinterest board and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


With Love,

Tobbie & Co