Aviation was our common ground, part reason how our story started. Barb was flying as an Air Hostess for a 5-star Airline, and I was a contract pilot in Africa. Our flight paths crossed, and 1year and 2 weeks later we tied the knot. Both my wife and I left aviation to start a family. We were blessed 2years later with our little boy Tobias, and our little girl Chloe followed soon thereafter, our lives changed in an instant.

We had to take our life experiences and somehow start something new that could keep our family together and at home. Thereby Tobbie & Co took off, we strive to give 5-star service with a smile, and only provide our passengers, I mean our customers the best possible service and products.

We thank you dearly for your support!






Founder and CEO of Tobbie & Co.  Husband to

a great wife and a father of 2 beautiful children which
all-n-all is his drive, support and love of his life.

Aviation is the core reason how this family got to be.
Tobbie & Co. is laced with themed aviation in their logo and website as this reflects both the founders love for flying.




Co-founder and inspiration of Tobbie & Co.

Our COO is at the very heart of the company. With an
aviation background and experience flying for a

5 star airline for 5 years has enabled her attention to
detail and quality service like no other.

Mother of 2 lovely children, and wife to a legend.